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TomkatatmissionimpossibleiiipremiereI've been on a TomKat spree since M:I:III was released (I'm such a sucker for 'slebs cunning media-manipulation), and have hunted down the best TomKat sites for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Follow the jump for the best TomKat blogs, merchandise, baby Suri's Myspace pages, and the latest goss on the controversial couple. So, err, has anyone managed to actually see the film yet? Against your will, you say? Oh dear. Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts on the blockbuster failure. [Katherine Hannaford]

The cherry on the pie belongs to Tomcruiseblog, which whilst it hasn't been updated since October 2005, is an extremely entertaining satire of a personal Tom Cruise blog. It includes a very touching letter to his former rumoured flame, Rob of Matchbox 20, and possibly the best fictional Tom Cruise quote ever - 'She no longer flinches (as much) when I touch her as she did when we first met, and she no longer freaks out (as much) whenever she sees me playing naked pool with the butler and the gardener. She even joins in, every once in awhile. It's so awesome.' Love it! Just wish the people behind it would update more often. (Hint hint)

I've managed to find another TomKat blog, TomKatcrazy, which follows every move the pair makes, and is updated several times a day. What more could a bored blogger want in life?

Much in the manner as the 'Free Winona' t-shirts from yesteryear, we now have 'Free Suri' t-shirts available, and of course, 'Free Katie' t-shirts. What I'd give to see Nicole Kidman wearing one of those.

Whilst she may be unable to walk, talk, or start a computer, Suri Holmes-Cruise already has 9 different Myspace accounts. We hear she'll only be your friend if you're a Scientologist, bummer...

And today's gossip on Tom and Katie claims that Tom wears 'lifts' in his shoes. Well, duh, anyone could've told the New York Daily Times that piece of info! Doesn't anyone remember when Nicole Kidman blurted out 'I can wear heels!' on Letterman after their split?

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