Tom Cruise - One demanding fiance!

Tomkat To many, Tom Cruise is a heartthrob of the highest order and a good actor. To me, he's a waste of Scientology-blurred space who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Still, it takes all sorts. However, my dislike for the vertically-challenged one has increased since I read an article in Closer detailing his demands on fiancee Katie Holmes before their wedding.

Tom has recruited Buff Brides to help Katie shed the three stone she gained during pregnancy before their big day. He's also sorted out a pre-nuptial agreement which grants Katie at least $22million should they split (okay, that bit is quite nice). Tom has also insisted that, instead of a traditional Catholic christening, baby Suri will only have a Scientology 'naming ceremony', which has annoyed Katie's devout Catholic family. He's also been quoted as saying: "I love her and I can't wait to get married. I won't let this woman get away."

Which sounds nice and all, but when you look in to it a bit deeper, is slightly controlling and strange. Or maybe I'm just too cynical... [Toni Kelly]

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