Adam Rickitt winning over hard-to-please Conservatives

There aren’t enough Tory MPs who’ve appeared half-naked on stage belting out pop hits – at least in public – so three cheers for former Corrie star Adam Rickitt, who has just kicked off his new career as a Conservative Party candidate. Star Trip is right behind Adam in his quest to show that songs like this should not be a barrier to a high-powered political career, so we’re going to be tracking his progress. Or lack of.

This week represented a rocky start though. Having started by complaining in the Daily Telegraph that he’s become a “whipping-boy” for Tory leader David Cameron’s ‘A-List’, Adam was promptly given a good scourging by party members in Folkestone and Hythe, who didn’t even put himon their 20-strong shortlist for the next general election.

Then the Telegraph’s Simon Heffer sniffily dismissed him as an “underwear model” Ouch. Although given that 8 out of 10 political interviews nowadays seem to involve asking politicians about their pants, that’s surely not a disadvantage.

However, the tide could be turning. Today’s Telegraph has a letter saying that Ad has “demonstrated a clear understanding of the problem facing the Conservative Party; how to regain the centre ground, where elections are won.” The Rickitt bandwagon is back on track! More news as we get it (unless Grant Mitchell is appointed Home Secretary in the meantime).

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