Adam Rickitt: Defending the Welsh. In Tights.

Another busy week in former soap star Adam Rickitt’s quest to become a Tory MP. For starters, Adam told the good folk of Chester that if elected as their MP, he would get rid of the ancient laws that allow them to hang any Welshman caught within the city walls after midnight, and shoot other Welshmen from the wall with longbows. Tough on archaic cross-border crime, tough on the causes of archaic cross-border crime…

Meanwhile, Ad is heading to the other side of the country later this year to further bolster his political credentials by, er, playing Prince Charming in panto at the Norwich Theatre Royal. Well, it worked for David Cameron. Oh, no. No it didn’t. Tsk. [Stuart Dredge]

Patsy Kensit Gets a New Rap Toyboy

It’s safe to say you wouldn’t catch Liam Gallagher rapping like a demon in an ad for Fruit Pastilles. At least, I think it’s safe to say – who knows what he’ll resort to if the next Oasis album doesn’t sell well. But anyway. Liam’s ex-wife Patsy Kensit has apparently taken up with 26-year-old rapper Killa Kela, who’s the star of a certain chewy-sweets advert that’s on your screens now.

The two were spotted holding hands and sharing “passionate kisses in the sun” (as opposed to The Sun) last weekend, before Kela’s set at the Sprite Urban Games in London. Patsy’s now got a veritable supergroup of past and present beaus, what with Kela, Liam and former husbands Jim Kerr out of Simple Minds, and Dan Donovan out of Big Audio Dynamite. Kids, ask your dad about those last two… [Stuart Dredge]