Harry McFly does the dirty on Lindsay Lohan

Lindsaylohan Tsk, Harry McFly, don't you know it's always the least famous half of any short-term coupling who ends up kissing and telling? So while Lindsay Lohan is still maintaining she Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Drummer, Harry has apparently spilled the beans on their liaison in a suitably ungentlemanly fashion. Does Li-Lo have fake breasts? "I couldn't tell," says the gallant sticksman. "They felt real, so if they're fake, they're very good ones." And of course, 20-year-old boy-band drummers are an authority on such matters... [Stuart Dredge]

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Harry McFly does the dirty on Lindsay Lohan - Comments

  • mary

    Of course she is lying. I have no idea what harry saw in her in the first place, because there are hundreds of better looking girls walking down the high street daily. Her pics are airbrushed regularly and if you have ever seen her in real life [and i did once] then you would know how overweight and plain she really is. Why would Harry Judd, member of one of the top bands in the UK and world, need to lie about her? She put out and now regrets opening her legs so quickly. Tough luck! I bet harry regrets getting her to open them, for the 30 seconds it took to convince her.

  • Emily

    Harry Wouldn&#39t Lie. I Believe Him When He Says He Did. Because Why Would You Lie About Something Like That? I Just Think That Lindsay Lohan Is So Up Her Own Ass, That She Thinks That Harry &#39Isn&#39t Famous Enough To Shag&#39

    So HA.

  • stacie

    he said in an intervie on cosmo girl a while back and i quote "i wish i could say the rumors about me and lindsey lohan are true but there not" but in a differnt interview he said it was just like oral not full sex so whos to know...

  • naz

    lindsay lohan is a liar harry is telling the truth.Anyway harry is too good for lindsay

  • Emily Corbett

    Is Harry judd lying. or is Lindsay lohan.

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