James Blunt: Annoying

James_blunt_big You can't always rely on the Great British Public to get the right answer when they're surveyed - just look at all those Record Of The Year awards Westlife have won. But a new survey asking people to name their pet hates has got it bang on, with celebrities putting in a strong performance alongside cold callers, caravans, queue jumpers and traffic wardens.

James Blunt is an impressive fourth place, with Preston & Chantelle in ninth, and Carol Vorderman in twelth - if she's calculating how that happened, I reckon it's a combination of her 'ooh yes, Sudoku makes you more intelligent, did I mention I have a book/DVD/branded sweatshirt of it?' plugging, and those financial ads. Marvellously, Abi Titmuss comes in 18th, sandwiched between breaking wind and off milk. [Stuart Dredge]

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  • J A M E S B L U N T Y O U

    james blunt you suck more than fergie ferguson and all those other annoying bitches that sing youy look like steve nash and you sing like a girl right now quit singing before you all kill us from havingt to listen to your crappy anoying songs like your beautiful and wise men and lastr but not least goodbye my lover . half the freakin world hates you so just leave and do us all a favour.

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