Sophie Anderton 4 Calum Best?

Don’t tell anyone, but apparently Love Island’s Sophie Anderton was dating fellow contestant Calum Best just a week before jetting off to Fiji for the show.  Closer magazine reveals that the pair were actually romancing for three months.  According to “a source” (has anyone ever met one of these sources?  They’re everywhere!), the couple planned to hook up while in Fiji, where Calum was expected to be recording for ITV2.  Sophie had no idea that Calum would actually be going on the show itself.  Well, fair play – until the ratings slipped so far that the Shipping Forecast was ahead of it, neither did anyone connected with the show.

Sophie remarked on camera that Calum is “very in your face with his sex appeal”.  Indeed, literally.  Kate Lawler can vouch for that, having had a cheek-to-cheek with him during the show’s final week.

This week’s Lindsay Lohan boob job rumours

Because it’s only a few days since the last piece of Li-Lo-inflation gossip hit our desks. Today’s Sun has a papped photo of Lindsay “going bra-less underneath a loose-fitting grey dress” (i.e. she was putting out the rubbish in the morning. Probably.) And the paper reckons the snap will do little to silence the gossip about whether the star has been pumping up her assets. Obviously, the accompanying slideshow is purely for readers with an educational interest in the ins and outs of 20-year-old actress’ breasts. Right?