A Week With Brangelina

Brangelina_3 Just the one main story from the Brangelina camp this week. All of us gossip hounds got excited by the headlines stating Brad and Ange were sleeping in separate beds (fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!) but then we were all let down when we discovered it was purely due to baby Shiloh's crying.

Two-month old Shiloh is being a typical two-month old and not sleeping through the night, so Brad has moved rooms, leaving Angelina to deal with Shiloh's crying. Nicer celebrity journalists claim this is because he needs to rest as he has film commitments to Oceans 13, but others say he's just being a lazy sod. I think you can guess which camp I fall in to. Brad, you were so desperate for kids, you've got one - be a parent! What a surprise - kids cry! Amazing. [Toni Kelly]

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  • Debra

    That&#39s what they wanted. They need to deal with it.

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