A Week With Posh 'N' Becks

Victoriabeckham_5 Another relatively quiet week for the couple who single-handedly kept the celeb rag market afloat during those difficult early years.  All we can offer you is the story of Vicky Beckham's amazing six-hour booze bender, as covered here yesterday.  Only six hours?  Girl needs to come out with Mr Kelly on St. Patrick's Day if she thinks that's impressive.

Considering she's looking to sprog up again, we can't help but wonder if a night of "wine appreciation" might not be the best idea.  Meanwhile David was training with his Real Madrid team-mates, so while one partner was hanging out with a load of over-paid, over-hyped celebs who spend all their time getting manicures and shopping 'til they drop, at least Victoria was doing something worthwhile.

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A Week With Posh 'N' Becks - Comments

  • Xx Jade xX

    do u actually get to meet them

  • Xx Jade xX

    I adore David and Victoria beckham and i think there is more to them than what u see in the magazines and news. I think that they&#39re amazing and meeting them would be the best thing i would be speechless and it&#39s something that i wanna do before i get to old to be excited about meeting them XxXx

  • Mrs Virginia Granato

    I would love to win this competition,I feel that they both have been under so much public scrutiny,that they deserve to have someone who will be nice to them both,and appreciate all the goodness they give out to people,because I give to charities and I help people whenever I can.So that is why I would love to meet Victoria and David Beckham,they are very positive people. Thank you. Regards Virginia Granato.

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