Google Wars: Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie

Brad_5 Welcome to a new feature here on Star Trip. Each week, we're going to pit two celebrities against each other in a Google war - which celeb will have the most links appear on Google? It's basically a modern twist on a popularity contest. I thought I'd start with a great celeb pairing, who have your man on the left in common: Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie.

It's a good start for Jennifer Aniston; there isn't even an exact figure for her, just a rough guide: 24,600,000. But she's been beaten! Angelina scores a second victory over Jen with a score of 30,700,000 (again, a rough guide). So this week's winner is Angelina Jolie. I must admit, I'm disappointed. I'd suggest Jen steal someone else's husband to increase her rating, but she's basically nice, so she wouldn't. Congratulations Angelina (I write, through gritted teeth). [Toni Kelly]

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Google Wars: Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie - Comments

  • Tulonga


  • kaelamarie

    stupid brad left america&#39s golden girl for the mother frikken tomb raider.

    what the hell was he thinking?

    life with jolie may look exciting seeing as she&#39s so "worldly" and "exotic" but hello.. not only is she totally raunchy.. (into women, already had multiple failed relationships/marriges, seen frequently with ex-lovers) but what kind of wife can a HOMEWRECKER make?

  • Ang

    Jolie is a typical "i feel sorry for myself, can I please use someone else&#39s husband&#39s shoulder to cry on" bitch, Pitt is a lame excuse for a MAN - but it will come back to bite them in the ass!!!

  • dark faith

    flair what flair bitch needs to grow up and stop blaming others for her shit angelina is better than that aniston crap on every one woman every time she fails and whine for over a year to every one iven the flies on shit are tired of her ass

  • lala

    jen has more flare!

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