Blunt_4 Enemy of music James Blunt has flogged 10 million copies worldwide of his flush-again-you-can't-just-leave-it debut platter Back To Bedlam, according to the Mirror's 3am column.  This proof that no, there really is NO accounting for taste comes with added vinegar in the wound.  150,000 more copies will make it the fastest-selling album of the decade.  Never was a revolution more urgently needed.  The current holder of the fastest-selling-album record is Dido's No Angel, which frankly looks like the collected works of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Beach Boys combined in comparison.  Are there 150,000 more people in the world that haven't already bought the soulless collection of dirges?  Regrettably, there probably are.  As it stands, about 5 million of the current owners probably bought it because the shiny disc object caught their attention and there was no-one around to help them home safely.  [Toni Kelly]