Grab Brad Pitt's pants on eBay

Bradpittslacks Sorry ladies, it's a US eBay listing, so they mean 'trousers', not grundies. Still, they have been worn by Mr Jolie, during the making of Fight Club. They come with a photo of Brad, and all manner of exciting features like zips and pockets, according to the over-enthusiastic seller. Bayraider has the full story and price.

Also today on Bayraider: Barbra Streisand's oak chair, and a strange oil painting of Mr Spock that's been signed by Leonard Nimoy himself. Insert your own 'highly illogical' joke here.

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Grab Brad Pitt's pants on eBay - Comments

  • ted

    I dont think these are his pants... the waist size says 35 and i know hes not not that fat.

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