Google Wars: Fiona Phillips vs. Kate Garraway

Remember the GMTV ‘sofa wars’? No? Well, I only do because I thought it was so pathetic. Basically, it emerged that far from the apparent we-all-love-one-another attitude at morning TV show GMTV, the ladies of the show absolutely hated one another.

So, I’d love to fire up an old argument, so I’m pitting Fiona Phillips (who is currently number one lady) against the sucessor to her crown, Kate Garraway. It was reported a few months back that Fiona was losing her grip on her crown following the departure of Eamonn Holmes, but who’s the most popular as far as Google is concerned?

Fiona is first. And here’s a shocking result: roughly 2,000,000 pages. Of course, ‘Phillips’ is an incredibly common name (though for some reason Google chose not to include ‘Fiona’ in the general search). But ‘Kate’ is a pretty popular name too, so how will she fare? Not well, her score is 93,900. However, this does appear to be on her name alone. I clicked along to page 29 and the articles were still about her exclusively, so although I have to announce Fiona the winner, it’s not an easy win for the dancing disaster.

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