Kate_5 Our favorite lady from 'Lost', Evangeline Lilly, lost -excuse the pun- her rented home in Hawaii early this morning to a horrible house fire.

Lilly shared the house with two other women. Thankfully Lilly and her roommates were not home at the time of the fire, at 6:30 this morning. Firefighters were at the scene in 20 minutes and managed to get the flames under control, but the house had already been destroyed.

Our heart goes out to Lilly, and we certainly hope that she'll somehow be able to muster up enough cash to maybe stay in a Motel 6 or something for a couple nights. It seems very strange in this day and age to lose your house in a fire, doesn't it? Ah, the forces of nature. We're just glad she's safe. Hopefully, her ex-hobbit boyfriend will be able to help her out.