A miserable Katie Holmes seeks support from Posh Spice

Tomkatusmag032107 The TomKat relationship has long been the subject of internet ridicule, and many believe the marriage to be a sham defined by the terms of a rigid contract. But the mainstream press has been less cynical about the whole affair - until now. According to Us Weekly magazine, Katie Holmes is so despairing of her relationship with Tom Cruise that she spends hours on the phone with Victoria Beckham, seeking advice.

A source close to TomKat told the magazine all sorts that you'd think anyone close to the couple would keep to themselves - or at least confidential chats with Katie's parents. "Katie has been crying over the phone. She's frustrated. Tom is denying her every single thing. ... Once, Katie and Victoria talked on the phone for four hours."

While you can't learn much more without buying the magazine, the cover also implies that Cruise has near-total control over Katie, as he screens her phone, threatens to take her credit cards away, and moves his family in. Oh, the joys of living with mother-in-law.

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