George Michael enjoys marijuana. Surprised?

Hey, at least he’s honest. According to ‘Gossip Gangstar‘ Perez Hilton, George Michael has admitted to being addicted to marijuana. Whatever. I love how he sings, and could care less what he smokes in his own personal time. Here’s what George had to say for himself,

“I wish I’d never started smoking pot. It soothes my soul but it also destroys my voice. I am addicted to marijuana – I need it to stay creative. The purpose of it is to create a daze. That’s why a lot of musicians smoke it – me included. I know I shouldn’t do it. It definitely makes the walls of my boxes tumble down. I was already an established artist when I started smoking…”

“…I’m not sure whether I would have become a successful artist had I started smoking as a teenager because pot makes you self-contented and lazy. You are easily satisfied when you are high – which is not good at the beginning of a career. But I’m sure smoking pot is the only thing – as stupid as it is – that makes it possible for me to continue my work.”

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