Posh lets her hair down and is one of us. Or something.

Taishan93005dc The Beckhams went out and got drunk. Oh lordy me. I know everyone's wetting their pants because good ol' Posh, who is completely and utterly in control of her public image at every millisecond of the day, was caught letting her hair down and was photographed pissed for only about the third time in 10 years of tabloid dominance.

Oooh, how exciting.

But is anyone out there dumb enough to think that a woman who is that controlling of her image wasn't in control even when drunk? I'm not implying she wasn't pissed, but that she got pissed in public so that people could see that good ol' Vicky was just like us, and goes out on the lash with Dave to let her hair down. Next week we'll see her in Mecca Bingo, and shopping at Asda. Because we're all chav scum, natch.

I'm not going to show you the pics, because that's pandering. If you want to see them, go find them. I'd much rather look at this baby panda.

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Posh lets her hair down and is one of us. Or something. - Comments

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