Posh n' Becks spend 10 minutes' salary on £750k party

06posh_becks_wedding Never a couple to do things by halves, the Beckhams will be saying farewell to the UK with an American themed party costing an estimated £750,000. Posh and Becks are old hands at the expensive party routine; last year's pre-World Cup extravaganza was said to have set them back £500,000. For one party. I know the Beckhams aren't alone in this behaviour, and that their parties are often charity fundraisers, but the fact that they spend so much when we're facing global crises related to poverty and 600,000 children in the UK under the age of three - let alone the rest of the world - live below the poverty line...

Anyway. A source - presumably totally unrelated to the Beckhams' PR machine - told the People newsaper: "They spent £500,000 last year and this year's bash will be even bigger. It is called The America Party and organisers are busy planning. David and Victoria are both really excited about relocating and want to make sure they have a good send off. Themed tables will each represent one of the 50 states, food will be American themed - even the waitresses will be dressed in American diner-style uniforms like something out of Grease. It's going to be really tacky and all very tongue-in-cheek - which totally sums up Victoria's sense of humour."

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Posh n' Becks spend 10 minutes' salary on £750k party - Comments

  • Sam

    Be interesting to see what they do for the "Delaware" themed table

    "Hi, I&#39m in... Delaware"

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