Jenna Jameson vaginoplasty rumours

9780060539092 Apparently the producers who want to turn Jenna Jameson's book How To Make Love Like A Porn Star into a movie are a bit pissed off with the porn star, as she's been missing meetings regarding the production. However, according to The Superficial, she has a good excuse:

"'She underwent a vaginoplasty at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and she is very unhappy,' said the source, who added, in perhaps an unfortunate choice of words, 'she has decided to hole up and not speak to anybody. The producers are about to pull the plug on the movie,' which would be a mainstream production."

Yup. You read that correctly. Vaginoplasty. Well, Jenna, I certainly hope you and your surgically altered vagina feel better soon. Best wishes.

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