Britney gets her body back


A couple of years back seeing Brit in hotpants and a bikinit top woudn't cause an eyelash flutter, let alone merit a post dedicated to it but much has changed since then. Since her Oops I did it again and Toxic days, two babies have come and gone, the Federline put in an appearance and there were some strange incidents involving hair clippers. But now she's back- slim and sexy and sorta scandal free (some rumours of liposuction never hurt anyone's career) and we are happy to see her. She's smiling, she's sassy- is our princess of pop back? Yay!

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  • Hair
    clippers are specialized implements
    used to cut human head hair. They should not be confused with razors (which
    usually refer to tools used to cut facial hair or bodily hair) and scissors

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