73680011 Sometimes I wish I weren't so damn cynical. After all, Jada Pinkett, who I think is fab, has just come out and given a big long speech all about the TomKat marriage, saying that Katie Holmes wears the pants, and is the ballsiest woman in the entire universe, such is her "quiet thunder". Oh, and Tom Cruise doesn't ram Scientology down the throats of all his nearest and dearest.

I would love to believe it, I really would. But I can't. The entire piece, which appeared in People, reads more like a prepared press statement that it does actual speech. Proof? Try this comment on for size: "When you look at Kate now [compared to] when she first met Tom, she's more confident and more knowing who she is than ever before. You can see it in her pictures. She looks more beautiful and more confident and more assured."

Anyway. Would someone of Tom Cruise's superstardom really be friends with someone who talked to the press about such personal things without his express permission? Methinks not. My guess is, Jada was called in as a name, because 'a source close to the couple' and 'a trusted friend' just weren't doing the trick.

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