Oh Kelly! I see what you were going for here - a fragile Marilyn Monroe-like look with delicate embroidery and a wide chiffon skirt, but sweetie, you simply didn't take into account your huge bosom, Addams Family-style make up and terrible tattoos. You have taken a dress which I personally find rather sweet and feminine and turned it into a monstrosity. You look a cross between an overweight Dita von Teese and Morticia Addams - and neither is a flattering comparison.

Kell_ok And it wasn't even a necessary faux-pas - you just walked right into it! True, the dress could probably do with going up a size, but just look at those accessories! The flower in your hair just draws attention to the dank one tone blackness, and creates a weird visual contrast next to your pasty skin, and the overly red lips do you no favours. You may have been trying to do Lily Allen's laidback dress look, teaming your girly gown with at least three oversized tattoos, but it just fails here. A bit of cover up and less of the slap and it could have been a whole other story. We've seen you pull out the stops before, as this lovely pic of you proves, so we know you can do it - pull your finger out girl!

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