Love her or hate her, you've admired her determination and relentless pursuit of a goal with no thought as to trampling on her colleagues toes; and this barrel like attitude has earned her a grudging respect. Whether she's berating staff for cheese like incidents or having it off on the photocopier with fellow contestants she's kept us amused, which is more than we can say for some of the other wash outs we've watched. Somehow her boss's at the Met office have become  uncomfortable with the level of notoriety she was bringing to their fine establishment and have decided to show her the door.

A spokesperson for Hopkins said, "Recently the Met Office has become uncomfortable with the volume of media coverage she was attracting and in particular the many articles about her private life, which also happened to reference her place of work. She intends to appeal."

I can't imagine she'll be out of work long though, as I'm sure with her new status as super mum people will be flocking to offer her work. Perhaps she should take up PR? I can just see her as the voice of Mothercare, 'Children are our future. Look at me, and what I've given up for them'. It's a shame her maternal instinct didn't kick in till the last week in the show, but that can't be helped surely?