Louis Walsh back in the judging chair on X Factor

Louis_walsh_irelands_prize_prat_2In another vain attempt to make us care about the clearly waning X-Factor, scandal abounds as Louis Walsh returns to the judging panel. Simon Cowell, the most media savvy man alive today, has swallowed his pride and asked the pasty faced Irishman back in time for the next series.

It seems time for me to ask, who the hell still turns up to audition for this nonsense? I can only envisage further episodes having ten auditionees per city and the winner being some bloke in a clown suit who can remember at least half of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Prime gossip mongers   have let slip that it isn't just Louis' excellent televisual presence that's bringing him back to our screens, more likely Simon's jealousy toward the would-be replacement's good looks. Now, now Simon... don't fret... I'd choose Louis over you as well.

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