73953455 Party loving Peaches may soon be the owner of a pretty like Fiat Punto as Very Punto People (VPP)  have offered her one on completion of her exams. It's a good thing they aren't awarding it to her on the basis of results, as just last week she had to pull out of a gig with Tommy Lee as she'd forgotten she had an A Level to sit the next day. That's not  an encouraging start to her academic career; but I guess Daddy can always buy her Oxbridge entrance. Then again the VPP team is renown for their lavish parties and over the top events, so perhaps they aren't overly bothered about her actual schooling. It's a little worrying that this airhead socialite will just be given a car by an organization that specializes in alcoholic events; the whole drink and drive issue hopefully won't arise, but in light of the misadventures of her contemporaries she should watch out. It's not like she can't afford a taxi..

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