Fhm_9 -The torturous alternative to barbie dolls is moving to the big screen. Yes, the Bratz dolls, which arrive prepackaged with miniature lip gloss, hair extensions and WAG pretensions are moving to the cinema to inflict their vacuous outpourings on a nation of impressionable teenagers. [Agent Bedhead ]

-Miss Great Britain Rachel Tennant shows she can fill out a bikini as she struts outside the houses of parliament in a 'search' for the sexiest music video of 2007. I think we can tell she'll be n the running for 2008. Till then, you can vote in our sexiest video of all time poll. [Entertainment 4 Media ]

-Queen Latifah may want to hire a new publicist, as her current one has her opening chains of Fatburger round the states. [TMZ ]

-Surprise, surprise, Pete Doherty is in trouble with the law again. honestly it's enough to make one vomit up the preprocessed nonsense that was breakfast with his scrawny pallid face staring up at you in a mixture of confusion, hallucination and a pathetic why me expression. Sure, Kate may have dropped you for the loser you are but wallowing in self pity isn't going to  bring er back. He got a fixed penalty fine for littering yesterday, proving that even his rubbish is rubbish, [The Sun ]