Jade_goody - The Beckhams finally make the move across the pond, to the quiet life that is Beverly Hills. Apparently Vic is looking forward to the anonymity, saying,"It might be a bit crazy when we first get here because we're new, but then I think people will probably realise that, you know what? I'm actually quite boring." Sweetie, We already know that you're boring. [SMH ]

-Why is is that celebs don't understand they need to play ball with the paps, rather than shouting and smashing camera's willy nilly? Latest camera culprit is a bleary Sarah Harding, whose drunken antics at club Paper, ended with her demanding the paparazzi 'lent' her their camera's. When they declined (perhaps visualizing an expensive repair bill) she starting mouthing off. Nice. [NME ]

-Jade Goody's childminder has just been sentenced. The conman stole £12,000 from her over a course of 14 months, cashing in fake cheques and abusing his position. He's received an eight moth suspended jail term.  [Sky News ]

-Despite all rumours to the contrary Britney Spears is not dating her bodyguard. She's decided to take her time to focus on her career and her kids, and romance is on the back burner for now. Whatever you say love. [People ]