In the news: Jade Goody reflects on her life and Lily Allen loves Paris Hilton

Goodybc -Jade Goody declares her miscarriage a 'punishment from God' for her Big Brother behaviour. 'Last year everything I touched turned to gold,'she says. 'I was probably due a tumble'. [The Guardian ]

-Courtney Love played some of her greatest songs at her birthday bash last night. She didn't seem to thrilled by the recent smoking ban, commenting, 'The only place I can smoke in England is the House of Parliament. How retarded is that?' [MTV ]

-James Blunt reveals he used to be so addicted to online auction site eBay that he once tried to sell his sister on it. It worked out well though, as the man who 'bought' her ended up marrying her! [Digital Spy ]

-Lily Allen always has something to say, the quality of which we don't feel we should comment on. her latest inspired declaration addresses Paris Hilton. 'I love her. I think The Simple Life is genius. I can never figure out if she plays up to it or not.'. Thanks for sharing Lily. [Sky Showbiz ]

In the news: Jade Goody reflects on her life and Lily Allen loves Paris Hilton - Comments

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