Simon Cowell hires fag break minders


Poor old Simon Cowell. The high waist banded one has been forced to get in extra security for the new series of The X Factor so that he can continue having a fag without getting leapt upon by fans and... well... people who want to hit him. In previous years, The Cow' was able to light up in the studios but the new smoking ban has put an end to that.

A source told the Daily Star: "It's a nightmare for smokers now - especially famous ones like Simon. He used to light up during the ad breaks on The X Factor. Sinitta rushed on to light up his cigarettes. It's just incredible that our highly paid stars have to stand outside the studios if they want a cigarette. It really is very embarrassing and undignified seeing someone like Simon Cowell lighting up in the street. It's a real security nightmare. Anyone could have a pop at them." Jesus wept.

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Simon Cowell hires fag break minders - Comments

  • Maggieferguson17

    Oh simon you are no diferent from any body else so just quit the dirty habit of smoking

  • John

    Matt (above) you are the kind of idiot that is wrong with this country. Sure, laws usually have a one size fits all policy... like murder, rape, theft... but smoking inside...?

    Sometimes the 'common sense' rule applies. If you had the queen enter parliament house and wanted to have a smoke, should SHE go outside and risk assassination? How about President Obama. While not quite so extreme, it is the same for celebrities.

    Simon has a lot of fans who want to get at him, as well as a lot of haters. Common sense suggests that the studio create an indoor private smoking area, but this stupid law didn't consider the XXL. Just the XXSmall which is you and your small minded thinking.

  • taylor wyles

    boooommmmmm i love simon cowell<3<3

  • alisha oswel


  • Matt

    So what if he Famous the rules, still apply for Mr I can't get a wife! You can't create a law like that, then think it's ok to give him exceptions just because he's famous the rules still apply.

    Otherwise you'll have to change those rules for every one, oh and by the way simon may be rich but he only got their because of his Daddy, starting him up!

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