Spice Girls to get matching tattoos

SpiceMmm - matching tattoos, that's classy. We all know that the best way for slebs to advertise their love for one another is a quick trip to the tattoo parlour, and it seems that The Spice Girls are headed for Tattooland as we speak. Of course, the artwork designed will have a beautiful poignancy and significance that can only be best expressed by painful graffiti on the skin. David Beckham's tattoo artist has apparently been commissioned to come up with some such guff which features a circle with each of the girl's names and represents their journey. Each of their names? Their proper names, as no-one actually calls Posh Victoria surely? Are we going to have the Mel's written with initials or are we talking how their names would appear on their passports so as not to get confused? Maybe it could say Mel squared, like in maths - oh, such possibilities.

The official line is "the girls are all really keen to mark the momentous occasion, the only slight problem is that Mel C had sworn she would never have another tattoo. She's waiting to check out the final design before she decides. Emma will wait until she's given birth and is feeling up to the ordeal but they want to do it en masse anyway." So from that I understand that Sporty's not really interested (as she was rumoured to be with the reunion itself) and Emma really is a big baby.

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