The Top Five Acne prone Celebrities: Because even stars have bad skin days

It's not fair and it's not funny; spots my friend are no laughing matter, they can lead to scars, stress and seriously bad photo's but yet we celebrate. And why do we rejoice? Is it out of the darkness of our mean little hearts? No it's a celebration that celebs too can be human, and as open to bad skin days/ sweat patches/ and VPL's as the rest of us mere mortals, therefore thankfully realigning the boundary ever so slightly and making us feel, well, more normal.

Number 1: Cameron DiazCamerondiaz_2

Yes, the super cute Shrek star, and all round surfer babe Cameron has had trouble of the pimpled variety, suffering nasty looking spots on her cheeks and the blush inducing rosacea on her forehead and throat. A diet of clean living, fruit juice and exercise soon put an end to the troublesome skin, and Cam returned phoenix like, even more beautiful than ever, snaring a trousersnake on her return to glory, then discarding him for other more grizzly animals..

Alicia_silverstone_bad_skin Number 2: Alicia Silverstone

This Clueless star always seems to look peachy clean, but twas not always the case, proving the magic of some well placed concealer can apply even to the A listers. We know it's not full blown acne, but even the pimples of the stars help us in our search for seeing the human withinn, and below those designer frocks and botoxed lips they have the same dimpling and spots that we do to.


Number 3: Jessica Simpson

This lady's struggle with skin has been well documented, ending in her lucrative Pro-activ contract, so this is one woman who knows how to sell, and how to market herself. Bad hair day? Jess does hair extensions. Bad skin day? She sponsors a blemish cream. Bad bellybutton day?  She has her own line of bellybutton powder. (Really. This is a little to far) Now you can aspire to her skin should you buy the products, or you can really piss her off and get something from lil sis Ashlee's range.

73521393 Number 4: Billie Piper

Ex Dr Who hottie, former teen star and previous Mrs Chris Evans, Billie has been through a lot in her young years so perhaps it's not that surprising that all that stress and hormone imbalance caused her skin to break out so vehmently, crying, 'Water, water! No more beer..' It's all A OK nowadays though, and she's even managed to snare herself a hot new boyfriend who has aims at husbandship..


Number 5: Britney Spears

It's no surprise this once teen queen has suffered the curse of spots, after all, her fall from grace has been well documented, and it's a rare day we don't see her scoffing down a burger or slurping from Starbucks. Once she could do no wrong, then it all turned about head and suddenly even when she tries it seems that Britters just can't do anything right nowadays, being hailed as a bad mother, a washed up singer, an overweight dancer (unfair) and pizzaface. Charming. I'm however of the pinion that all these media slights will make Ms Spears stronger than ever, and she'll come fighting back with another annoyingly catchy song we can't get out of our head.

And just to show that men suffer to..

Leo Leonardo DiCaprio!

Yes, this hunk of manhood and darling of Hollywood once suffered from the terrible teenage trauma of acne! i don't know why this should warm us quite so much, but considering he went on to be the star of Titanic/Catch me you can/ Blood Diamond, I guess it just shows there's hope for us all yet.

The Top Five Acne prone Celebrities: Because even stars have bad skin days - Comments

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    post!! Hope to read more of this articles soon..



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    How is victoria beckham not on this????

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