The Top Five Celebrity Smokers: The stars who make lung cancer sexy


Yes, we know it's bad for us, and we do know about the damage to our skin/yellowing nails/shortened life span, and all the other ailments that come with sparking up, but there's no denying that sometimes sucking down and expelling a plume of smoke is very sexy. The smoking ban is about ten days old now, and bar a few notable public offenders (Pete Doherty I'm talking about you) there's a noticeable shift towards non smoking. So I think it's be nice to look back on a few classic moments, just to remember what we're missing out on.

Number 1: Uma Thurman

Pulp Fiction was a ground breaking film, and no one in it more iconic than Uma lazily dragging on her cigarettes with a louche display of insouciance. She may have cleaned up a  little since then, but the actress has always been a smoker, Marlboto Lights being her particular weakness. She gave up the evil weed in when she was pregnant, but whether she is still an ash free zone is unconfirmed. We can single handedly blame her for making smoking cool, and for creating a decade of bad bob inspired haircuts.

Drew_barrymore_smokin_three Number 2: Drew Barrymore

Drew's always had a reputation as something of a wild child, having entered rehab in her teens and having a wild series of on/off public love affairs. This girl started smoking aged a mere nine and a half, and her fag of choice, Marlboro Reds. There's no denying she looked cute, but as she's grown older she's moved towards the Hollywood life of early nights and wheat grass juice. Ah, well, we can't be young and carefree forever, but she still has her kooky side, and has been recently linked to Scrubs star Zach Braff. Well, who doesn't love a funnyman?


Number 3: Kate Moss

Supermodel, diva, earth mother, call her what you will, Kate is pretty much the poster child for Britain in the twentieth century, with her meteoric rise to fame as a gawky fifteen year old, to her now super status as one of the most photographed and gossiped about women in world. Hardly a great role model, she still manages to look good doing pretty much anything; face it, this is the woman who has made Pete Doherty desirable! We want to be her, we want to watch her, do we want to smoke like her? It's a widely known fact that models tend to smoke rather than eat, but as such a public figure Kate should really know better. At least she's not of the Britney style school of thought where she 'never smoked or had sex' till she overdosed on it. Kate is honest and forthright about her smoking, and her devil may care attitude is why we love her.(Well, that and her razor sharp cheek bones)

Number 4: Jennifer Aniston

Our favourite Friend is well known for her two packs of Merit a day. It's refreshing to find an American who will actually light up in public, rather than pretending it was a youthful folly the day they were photographed, and Jen is on record as a smoker, apparently smoking with the gorgeous Brad when they were still a couple.

Rita_hayworth Number 5: Rita Hayworth

She hails from an era where smoking was socially acceptable, we're talking ashtrays on planes, trains and automobiles, and as such the retro glamour she holds is unsullied. Plus, all pictures were black and white, and we all know age spots and wrinkles show up less in monochrome. The renown love goddess looks seriously stylish with  her cigarette holder and is smoking chic at its most glamorous.

Truly, we have reached an end of an era, but while smoking continues to be prevalent in the movies, this is one bad habit that will never truly go away; but in the mean time we have a cleaner Britain to look forward too, and that can't be a bad thing, surely?

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