Amy Winehouse lined up for Simpsons cameo

75977564_2It seems that Amy Winehouse hasn't even confirmed rumours of a move to the States yet and she's already a bigger hit than the newly Americanised Beckhams. Of course, with popularity and media attention that means rumours will abound. The latest in what's sure to be a long line is that Amy will be guest starring in The Simpsons.

She's undeniably a big personality, and a girl you can't fail to notice, so is this a mark of her upcoming success in the US, or will her constant gig abandonment lose her favour with the American public?

A Simpsons insider said: "Amy is huge in America right now. She was asked if she would consider making an appearance on the show and she agreed. Apparently she is a big fan.

"There aren't many details about the episode yet, but we do know she meets Lisa in a blues bar and teaches her how to sing." It's believed that the 'Amy Winehouse Simpsons episode' will air early next year.

That's an episode I'll certainly tune in for. No doubt the singer will make a fantastic looking cartoon character. She's already half way to looking like one in person, after all. Let's just hope this is one gig she turns up to.

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Amy Winehouse lined up for Simpsons cameo - Comments

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