Amy Winehouse to launch clothing range?

Amyw_2I don’t kid myself that I’m some undiscovered style icon – far from it. I’m most at home in pyjamas and fluffy slippers, but happily I admit to such shortcomings and accept my limitations. Not so with celebrities. They can do everything. And seemingly highest on the list of attractive side projects currently doing the rounds is the fashion line. Oh yes, you’re nobody until you have your mug in the window of New Look and hundreds of under-age girls wearing your sexy ensembles. Madonna’s done it, Kate Moss has done it and now the Wino herself could be dressing the female youth of our generation.


Known for scuffing about in ballet pumps, skinny jeans and cropped denim shorts (though not all at the same time), Amy Winehouse is said to be the name that big-name brands are chasing to sign up. A source blabbed to the Daily Star that “Amy is constantly being asked to create her own clothes range and the main area designers are interested in her working on is denims. Skinny fit jeans and denim shorts are the stuff she wears. Amy is of course interested in these offers, but her music comes first. She will be flattered to know that Calvin Klein is also keen to speak with her.”

Calvin Klein and Amy Winehouse working together, really or doth my eyes deceive me? The girl can barely turn up for her own pop concerts let alone preside over a clothing collection. And I wonder if garments produced will only come in her miniscule size, or can those of us that eat partake in her fashion foray as well? It seems such an odd marriage, someone who has publicly shed about half her body weight and who is only ever photographed in one outfit moving into haute couture. It’s like a vegetarian working at a butchers or Jade Goody writing a book, no wait…


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