Summer is finally here, and everyone is sweltering in the unexpected heat of the sun, so it's no surprise then that any surface of water, be it bath, pool or beach is now filled with bikini clad babes trying to cool themselves down. Now the problem of suitable cossie arises, but who better to tell us what to wear than the celebs that design them (or live in them). We bring you the best bikini ranges around, each one endorsed by a toned princess.

Number 1: Kylie Minogue

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky if I looked as good as Kylie when I reach 30, let alone be designing by own glamorous range for high street retailer H & M. Girls who want to add a touch of Aussie style to their life can head down and buy these itsy bitsy tenny weeny strips of metallic bling to cover their body in.

Elle_diet_300 Number 2: Elle MacPherson

She's not called the body for nothing, and her underwear/bikini range truly looks amazing, on mere mortals as well as model goddess's. Her Intimates collection combines girly frippery with comfort and uses a series of attractive materials from lac and chiffon to cotton and silk. We can't promise that you'll turn into a lady of model proportions but you cans hare in some of her styling and sexy smalls.

Kelly_brook_bikini_2 Number 3: Kelly Brook

Ooh, I like this. Kelly stole our hearts as the bubbly Big Breakfast presenter (and who doesn't admire someone who can be that chipper at 7am) and then made us like her even more for her quirky fifties style fashion sense, her 'real woman' curves, and her love of vintage inspired outfits. Then she toddles off to LA leaving us sad and bereft, but has returned with a va va voom lingerie range for New Look which combines flirty bras and sexy swimwear with a very Marilyn Monroe feel. From cute ruffly skirts to cup sized swimwear Kelly has her finger on the fashion pulse.

Number 4: Jennifer Ellison

Yasidepagetemplate2 This ex Brookside hotty is well known for her assets, which are all natural, I'd just like to add. Since Jen understands the difficulty of finding bra's and bikini's in larger sizes she has teamed up with Young Attitude
to create a range of sexy and stylish bras for the larger woman. Her range has a lot of highly wearable high quality pieces, from basic T shirt bra's to the sexier plunge, and hold her impressive 34DD's very snugly.

Caprice_underwear Number 5: Caprice

Caprice excels at lounging around in next to nothing looking flawless, so it stands to reason that she'd be a good person to consult on producing her own line. her collection comprises of beachy prints, feminine flourishes and cute contrasting colours.