Peter Andre calls wife Jordan a 'filthy bitch'

285_price_andre_062907Why don’t they just get it over with and hump on national television? Married couple Peter Andre and Jordan/ Katie Price (name dependent on what she’s doing) seemed to come pretty close when they first met on ITV reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here!’ and now they have been revealing more saucy secrets about their sex life. Peter blabbed: "Katie is a filthy bitch and I'm her temptation. Everybody has fantasies and when it comes to sexual ones, when you close your bedroom door and it's just you and your partner, anything goes. If we're sat downstairs with the kids and the nanny, Kate tells me off if I discreetly suggest we sneak off upstairs. She'll say 'Pete, you make it so obvious you want to go upstairs for a shag'. And I get really embarrassed. I'm like 'Thanks honey!' So that blows that out."

And all this comes after Jordan/ Katie recently compared Peter’s goods to a Sky+ remote and their lovemaking to horror film Hostel. Dear God people, we get it: you’re married and quite fancy each other. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but think of your children – do they want to have to grow up and read all this nasty trash talk from their mummy and daddy?

[via Digital Spy]

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