77214649 Now I'm not sure if i could qualify Paris's look as style, perhaps more along the lines of cleverly safety pinned and adorned to show as much of her uber tanned emaciated body as possible. Apparently though such a clever look as wearing minuscule dresses and high heeled shoes can be stolen, and our Paris is being sued for having caused  'emotional distress' to the designer of the prostitute look. No, it's not Divine Brown, it's Nicolle O'Neill.

Um, who? Yes, doesn't ring any bells either, but considering she's produced a 'two page document that accuses the Hilton,26 of ripping off her style and spells out specific charges, including a claim that she stole O'Neill's idea to expose her underwear under her trousers', I'm guessing she's a trashy trailer type. hey, sometimes my thong shows too, want to sue me? i'm sure Paris is quaking in her size 9's.

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