Mmm. Brad pitt is one yummy hubby

Bradpittedwinjeans03 Ever feel lashings of incompetent rage that at 44 Brad is still far hotter than any bloke you've ever been with, and in likelihood you'll never get a shot at him? Still, at least we can admire these sexy shots from his new campaign with Edwin Europe jeans , though I have to say, I'd like to start a campaign to get him out of them, as distressed denim is all very well but we want to see muscled thighs, mmm hmmm.

But can you really perv on a man who is twice your age? our survey says yes.. just spank my ass and call me daddy. Or not. See after the jump for another piccie.

[ via Team Sugar ]Brad_edwin

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Mmm. Brad pitt is one yummy hubby - Comments

  • blady02

    He is no one&#39s hubby fool he is just a washed up has been that needs to retire with his rainbow family and trashy sidekick. You are done boy!

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