Jennifer Aniston "really upset" by Angelina Jolie's baby rumours

061219_aniston_vmed_3p_widecShe might be America's sweetheart, but is anyone else fed up with Jennifer Aniston's apparent inability to move on after her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt? Heartbreak isn’t anything to be flippant about, but since the demise of Hollywood's formerly golden couple, the ex-Friends actress seems to be very good at 'leaking' stories of how devastated she still is to the world's press. Note exhibit A - another report from a close friend that once again reminds us that Jen is the wronged victim and Angelina Jolie, the evil other woman.

The source tells 'Star' magazine that the current reason for Jen's depression is the new baby gossip surrounding Brad and Angie. "Jennifer is putting on a brave face, but inside she is really upset," 'confides' the friend. "She wasn’t prepared for how she’d feel when she saw the pictures of Angelina and her bump. It took her by surprise because it was further proof of just how much Brad has moved on with his life compared to her.”

"Jennifer is desperate for kids. She can feel her biological clock ticking and is scared that she has left it too late. She keeps saying that she wishes she’d had kids with Brad and that, if she had, maybe things would have worked out differently. Splitting up with Brad was the hardest thing Jennifer ever went through, so hopefully she’ll get over this latest hurdle. She’s made of strong stuff.”

Hear, hear. Move on Jen. Put Brangelina behind you, stop using the press to remind us of your personal woes and sniff out a new man to get you knocked up. After all, you'd have thought that with Brad and Angie's commitment to expanding their family that news of more children was hardly a surprise.

[via Showbiz Spy]

Jennifer Aniston "really upset" by Angelina Jolie's baby rumours - Comments

  • thanks for the news

  • I wanted to read about the rumors of her adopting a baby. Does anybody know something about i?

  • SAMMY80

    remember my words.... angelina and brad are going to have a nasty ending..!!! when a relationship starts off by hurting ends with even bigger hurt... the question is, who will hurt whom???

  • SAMMY80

    u guys.... trust me if ur man was being chased after a woman like angelina he would dump u in a flash , no matter how well u looked after him, or how many babies u dont blame jennifer for losing brad...blame damn life, that treats us like shit... jennifer is moving on..!!! and its not that easy, if u have to see ur exes happiness every day in ur face...!!! put ur selves in jens shoes..!!! she is strong, and she is doing well in her career,and shes not gonna marry someone just 4 the sake of it and bcos brad married someone else... u guys are so nasty...

  • joice

    Chinnifer Maniston is still not pretty, even been through cosmetic surgeries. look weird.No doctor make her look beautiful. she still look un-natural. her hair frame her face like a box. She tried to be young but it&#39s funny when a middle-age women tried to be teen-age

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