Cheryl demands husband Ashley publicly apologise for cheating

Cheryl_ash_26nov07_big_350It's the love saga that won't end. Will Cheryl forgive husband Ashley his philandering ways or will she boot him out and end their marriage? For weeks this showbiz story has rumbled on, taking in trips to LA for Cheryl as she holidayed with her Girls Aloud band members, consulting them on their views (one piece of advice Cheryl - don't listen to Nadine. She obviously has no standards when it comes to men, after all she did date Jesse Metcalfe.) Sometimes we hear that they're on the mend, at others it appears to be all over. Does anyone know what's going on?

Well, according to the Sunday People, Cheryl is considering reconciling with Chelsea left-back Ashley, on the condition that he publicly apologise to her and admit his wrong-doing. Sound about as likely as Amy Winehouse washing her hair? You betcha. Ashley is far from keen, despite the importance that Cheryl has placed on the gesture.

A source close to the England player reveals: "He doesn't want to do it. He still insists it wasn't his fault. He claims he can't remember because he was too drunk." Cheryl, though sees it as the only way forward: "She feels like a fool. She feels betrayed and hurt. Now she needs him to take the blame for what he has done."

With fool-proof logic and unarguable common sense on his side, after all he was "too drunk" to know that he had his penis inside a woman other than his wife, surely Cheryl should forgive Ashley's dalliance?

[via Now magazine]

Cheryl demands husband Ashley publicly apologise for cheating - Comments

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