Jade Goody ends romance with toy boy Jack Tweed

Jadejacktweed200They're the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton for the Big Brother generation with their on again, off again relationship, but things have ended for Jade Goody and her toy boy Jack Tweed. For good or until one of them gets a bit lonely one night and calls the other in floods of tears begging for another chance. So what went wrong between the pair this time?

According to reports, the trust has gone. Oh, that old chestnut. That's what endless media rumours about infidelity (Jack's) will do to a couple. Jade is said to have done the dumping, but is crushed that the two and a half year romance has stalled once again.

"Jade is devastated, and she's been in floods of tears," a friend of the reality star told the Sunday Mirror. "But now she realises she's got to be strong and move on with her life."

In an interview with More magazine, Jade admitted how confused her feelings were towards Jack. "I felt more like his mother than his girlfriend. But when I wasn't with him, I wanted to be. It was easy to get back with him, but I'm still waiting for more stories to come out from girls saying he's cheated."

Sounds like a classic case of can't live with but can't live without for Jack and Jade. How long until she takes him back? Take your bets now.

[via Now magazine]

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