Pals worry that Posh is "exhausted"

Poshwi2702_468x664_2Friends of Victoria Beckham (otherwise known as her staff) are concerned that she is wearing herself out. Speaking to Grazia magazine (cos the tabloids are so grubby), one chum revealed: "Victoria has been running on empty for the last few months and is very, very tired. The tour has completely drained all the energy out of her, as it did the other girls, but on top of her Spice Girl commitments, Victoria has continued to invest masses of energy into her fashion career. Everyone is very worried she might keel over."

Fashion career? As the pop one went so well. The pal continued: "Victoria kept saying how exhausted she was and there were moments backstage when she had to stop and sit down or lean against a wall because she felt so wobbly."

That could be due to blatantly eating nothing – go on girl, get a sandwich down your neck. But more importantly, do we believe such comments? Couldn’t they be a very convenient way to achieve public sympathy, and why does she need to work at such a reported break-neak speed anyway? She's set up for life and doesn't need to work herself into the ground.

Come on Vicky – have a sit down, put your feet up and have a nice relaxing cuppa.

[via Digital Spy]

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Pals worry that Posh is "exhausted" - Comments

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