Winehouse to perform for Hollywood stars

20070609_74366651cg024_isle_of_wighIf you were to host a fancy schmancy showbiz shindig, which star performer would you book to sing? Someone reliable. Someone charming and courteous. Someone not likely to rant about their incarcerated husband and forget their own lyrics. Apparently not, as rehab runaway Amy Winehouse is being courted to sing at a Hollywood bash thrown by top stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

The event is to be hosted by fashion icon Giorgio Armani and held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume in May. And how much could the Wino expect to pick up for her troubles? A whopping half a million pounds. Wow – those A-listers sure overpay for some off-key warbling and nervy dancing.

A source close to the Wino claims that "she hasn't really taken it in - and keeps saying that her life is getting more surreal by the second". That'll be all the drugs. The insider went on to explain how Armani wishes to chat to Amy about future collaborations. Who knew that ratty bee-hive wigs were so fashionable?

[via Contact Music]

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