Victoria Beckham desperate to be more than a WAG

Victoria_beckhamRun for cover people as Victoria Beckham has got the grumps. Why? Because of David's foray into facial fuzz? Nope. Cos she's just realised she has absolutely zero discernable talent? No (but it should be). Rather, pouty Posh is annoyed that America hasn't fallen for her charms yet and that she's still better known for her husband's fame and glory. Just like here in the UK, then.

Talking to Closer magazine, a friend of the star revealed: "She can't bear being known as someone's wife and she hates the WAG label. She's getting offered the same TV work as Paris Hilton when she wants to be on a level with her pal Kate Beckinsale - but she just isn't an actress. Posh doesn't feel she's seen as a credible fashion icon yet. She's also disappointed that the TV work she is offered is always to play herself or someone similar to herself."

That's what happens when you’re not an actress – you don’t get offered top acting roles. Funny that.

Posh is also said to be feeling her age and bans anyone from mentioning her 34th birthday which she celebrated with showbiz chums recently. Which we just did. Sorry Posh. But don’t worry, being so incredibly geriatric and past-it at the crinkly age of 34 you won’t be able to read for much longer and probably can't take to this fancy, new Interweb thing anyway.

[via Female First]

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