Jonas Brothers’ fan dates

The Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Nick and Joe, have revealed they want to date a fan.

The Jonas Brothers want to date a fan.

The American trio, who appear in new Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Camp Rock’, say they would have no problem turning one of their admirers into a girlfriend.

Nick Jonas revealed: “We want the girls we date to be our biggest fans. But it’s nice to have other conversations, like where you’ve lived or what you’ve done in your life. It’s fun to get to know someone that way too.”

The band also revealed the desperate measures their fans go to in a bid to meet their idols.

Joe Jonas added: “We were eating dinner with our family when this lady told the restaurant manager, ‘My sons, the Jonas Brothers, are in there. Don’t tell them I’m here because I want to surprise them, but I’m just going to say hello’.

“The manager didn’t let her through, but told us about it afterwards. We couldn’t believe it!”

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