Is Prince Harry dating Natalie Imbruglia?

Prince Harry has been secretly dating Natalie Imbruglia, according to reports. Harry, who split from long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy recently, was spotted with the former Neighbours actress at a Windsor cafe. A source told Grazia: “He likes it there because it’s very low-key. They’re very conscious that people will see them together.” The pair were later seen together backstage at a festival, where one onlooker said: “Harry was naughty around Natalie. He pinched her bum and laughed.” The witness added: “When The Killers performed, Harry and Natalie both watched from the side of the stage. He couldn’t stop hugging her, kissing her on the cheek and putting his arms around her.” The prince and the ‘Torn’ singer have apparently been “in regular contact” since they met at her birthday party in February. “It’s no secret Harry has always fancied Natalie,” said the insider. “They have a laugh when they’re together and he thinks she’s gorgeous.”

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