Lily Allen slags Perez Hilton

Lily Allen, gloriously outspoken and straightforward, has had a pop at gossip unber-bitch Perez Hilton after the celebrity blogger posted about her recent topless photoshoot. Allen features in the current issue of i-D magazine for a series of images styled by Kate Moss. Hilton said: “Lily Allen wants to be seen as a respected musician. She kinds contradicts herself doesn’t she? More known for her outrageous behaviour than her music, Lilly Allen continues with her ‘antics’. The hard-pAArtying Brit goes topless in the new issue of i-D magazine. Why? Well, why not??? We’ve already seen ’em before – a lot!”

On her Twitter page, Allen responded: “Just saw Perez’s views on my topless i-D pics. It may come as a surprise but I’m completely comfortable with getting them out. Tits are tits. I wish mine were as big as Perez Hilton’s though.”

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