Russell Brand calls Mail hack 'a liar'

russell-brand.jpgThe press hate Twitter. They don't like it one bit and dedicate thousands of words to telling us all how rubbish it is. This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that celebrities can sidestep the pages and tell their fans things immediately to set the record straight. One example is Russell Brand, who has accused Daily Mail journalist Nathan Kay of writing "lies" about him.

Kay's article, which was published yesterday, ran with the headline, "I kissed the girl I want to marry, says Russell Brand about Katy Perry".

The reporter talked about how Brand had spoken to him about marrying girlfriend Katy Perry. Kay's article also said that Perry's parents were concerned about Brand's past problems with drugs and that Brand did not want the pop singer's parents to join them on holiday.

Writing on Twitter about the article, Brand joked: "The Daily Mail tell lies. 'Nathan Kay' is a pustule of untruth. I suppose we ought be grateful they've stopped supporting Hitler."


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