Britney Spears and Robbie Williams to duet?

britney-spears.jpgBritney Spears has revealed on Twitter that she would love to collaborate with Robbie Williams. God bless Twitter! Yep, the world's favourite pop-star (please note, this view can change to Beyonce, GaGa or Rihanna at the drop of a hat... but it's Britney for now, okay?) admitted her desire to work with the former Take That warbler during a question and answer session on the social networking site.

"If you could duet with any artist who would it be? [I] would love to do a duet with Robbie Williams," she wrote.

Spears also revealed that her favourite track from her back catalogue is 'Toxic', that her favourite cities are New York and London and that her three items on a desert island would be "boots, water and my CD collection".

She confessed that she is a fan of the TV series Glee, that her favourite Sex And The City character is Carrie and that her favourite thing to do with her sons is to "take [them] on car drives, and sing songs to them about Mary Poppins that I make up".

Sadly, she did not answer our pleas for our collective hand in marriage. We await her answer/court order.

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