Lindsay Lohan released from rehab early

Thumbnail image for Lindsay-Lohan-3.jpgLindsay Lohan left jail early and now she's leaving rehab early because... well... it's hard to think of a reason that's more that 'she's famous'. Anyway, LiLo has been released from a court ordered rehab center after serving just 23 days of her 90 day sentence. Ed McPherson, her civil attorney confirmed: "She has been released from inpatient rehab." No, not impatient.

LiLo was ordered to serve 90 days in jail followed by the same stint in rehab earlier this summer. She spent 13 days in jail and will now receive outpatient care instead of staying at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

A source said: "Lindsay may have taken prescription medication, but she doesn't have 'an addiction'. She's been through detox, but had no withdrawal symptoms so doctors don't believe her issues were as serious as they were led to believe initially."

Let's just hope she gets herself sorted this time 'round and she goes back to being an actress rather than a celebrity carwreck for everyone to stare at.

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Lindsay Lohan released from rehab early - Comments

  • Rehab finally. If she cant stand it she should not be a celeb

  • As we know Lindsay is so big and popular celeb, and she keeps on discussion every next day.

  • Oh !! very sexy girls here.Her face so attractive and her eyes so beautiful.......

  • She is bold enough to recover from the past miseries of her life and turn over a new leaf.

  • I hope that she is so better feel and not a big problem facing in the future..

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